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What is a calculator?

A calculator is a device that computes the solutions to mathematical problems. For instance, 41+39=80, 99-63=36, 63*5=315, 315/5=63.
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What does a calculator do?

A calculator answers math problems to make life easier. Acalculator can be used to help solve equations to math problems. Acalculator helps cut down the time it takes to solve ( Full Answer )
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How to calculate?

You can calculate the sum of numbers by adding numbers together.You can calculate the product of numbers by multiplying thosenumbers.
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What is calculator?

a calculator is a machine in which u give some input and getting some output. Basically it is a mathematical device which perform manipulation on no. that u give to this machi ( Full Answer )
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Where is your calculator?

If you mean on a computer, go to the Start Menu, then to the Programs menu and then to the Accessories menu. To change the calculator from an ordinary one to a scientific one, ( Full Answer )
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What can a calculator do?

Let's put it this way: if you dont feel like doing your math problems, it can do it for you :).
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When were calculators out?

There were small mechanical ones put out in the 1950s like miniature cash registers. But the first pocket elecronic ones were made by Sanyo, Canon, and Sharp in Japan in 1970
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What is in a calculator?

the calculator has squishy buttons in the in side of it aznd a computer divise that makes it radomly come up with the answers soo fast............. this post was made by.. E.B ( Full Answer )
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Can i get a calculator?

If you have a computer, you already have the calculator that is part of the computer's program.
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How do you calculate?

Their are many ways to calculate the things in right way. Try to use calculator or some kind of small paper in your hand if you need to calculate things in hurry.