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When is Pakistans Christmas?

Christmas is not a national holiday in Pakistan, and is not widely celebrated there. Pakistan does, however, celebrate the birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (born December 25, 1 (MORE)

What do you get your grandpa for Christmas?

Most people don't like to receive gifts that make them feel old, but they sure appreciate gifts that make their lives a bit easier. One time we got our grandpa an ergonomic ch (MORE)

Why do we have Christmas trees on Christmas?

The Christmas tree is part of a long tradition that evergreen trees represent the continuous nature of life, even in the cold of winter. The Germans were among the earliest Ch (MORE)

Does France have Christmas?

Do bears... Yes, of course. About half the population sees it as what it is, the birthday of our Lord; and the other half takes the day off, has a big meal, and sends itself N (MORE)

Why is the Christmas tree a Christmas symbol?

Christmas trees are in some ways the least Christian of Christmas  customs. they are at best basal nature worship > The popular  song O Tannenbaum is not even Christian. I h (MORE)

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Who observes Christmas?

Most countries worldwide celebrate Christmas in one form or other. Including countries where no - or very few - Christians live. Like for example Hongkong or Thailand. This is (MORE)

Who created Christmas?

Was Not Created Answer 1) Christmas is the day Jesus was born. No one created it - it's his birthday (The Bible and secular history discredit this answer.) Answer 2) Christm (MORE)

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is not a real Christmas: it is a tongue-in-cheek  way for people in some countries such as Australia to experience  Christmas during the winter, just as pe (MORE)

What do you get grandparents for Christmas?

If your grandparents already have just about everything, then try  giving them something homemade for Christmas like chocolate or  vanilla macaroons. They are really easy to (MORE)

Why do you love Christmas?

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration to share and care for others with a purity in heart and spread the message of God in love for all.It is a time for celebrations and (MORE)