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What is Christmas?

Christmas Simply put, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Additional input: . Traditionally, it's supposed to be a celebration of the birth of (MORE)

What is a Christmas?

a Christmas is a chocolate from the 1940's. It's a dark shell with a orange cream in the middle, unfortunatly they are no longer availabal-only from a shop called Wiv-Sweetz.

Why is it Christmas?

Popular myth puts Jesus' birth on December 25 th Christ (as in Jesus Christ) + mas (festival, feast day or mass) = Christmas

What you do on Christmas?

On Christmas eve, I stay up all night and when everyone is asleep, I get up and put my presents for them under the tree. I also do baking and put it on the table for Christmas (MORE)

What to get her for Christmas?

who? your gf? if she is your gf ,i suggest you buy her a pair of snow boots ,let the boots keep her warm like your warm heart ,or you can make a heart locket with a pic of you (MORE)