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When is Christmas?

Christmas is on December 25 each year . It is the dayChristians celebrate Christ's birth. and christmas eve is on the24th of december

What do you do on Christmas?

You give gifts to your friends and family to show that you care and you open gifts others give to you. For younger kids, there is Santa Claus who delivers presents Christmas E (MORE)

What do they do on Christmas?

On Christmas celebrator's open presents that were wrapped for one another, eat a cooked meal such as; Roast Turkey, Stuffing, Chicken and more.

Why is there a Christmas?

Christmas is not about getting gifts and money and that stuff. Its nice but not what it is about. here is the story: A long time ago in country far away a little baby boy was (MORE)

What is Christmas for?

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It is celebrated at this time of the year because it was essentially a "Christianization" of the Roman (MORE)

What will you have for Christmas?

First of all in figuring about, let's say what your parents will give you, is usually something you like. They will know what you like cause well, they're your parents and the (MORE)

What to get her for Christmas?

who? your gf? if she is your gf ,i suggest you buy her a pair of snow boots ,let the boots keep her warm like your warm heart ,or you can make a heart locket with a pic of you (MORE)

What does Christmas is about?

Christmas is about giving. Not only giving to family and friends, but giving to the less fortunate in the community and around the world. Christmas is about being with family (MORE)

What can I have for Christmas?

The GIFT of giving and not expecting to receive anything in return. However, in order to achieve this it must be completely sincere. You'll see that many good things will (MORE)

Why do we have Christmas?

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour sent by the Father, God, to save mankind from eternal death, which was the result of Man's sin. It is doub (MORE)