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Why is Cinderella called Cinderella?

Cinderella's original name was Ella. One night, Ella fell asleep by the fireplace while scrubbing the floor. When she woke up, she was covered in cinders and ashes. Her evil s (MORE)

Where is Cinderella from?

There are Cinderella stories from many cultures. The one most Americans are familiar with comes from a French fairytale credited to Charles Perrault.
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What is Cinderella about?

One of the movies based on the famous fairy tail is about A girl named Cindy who's father marries a widow with 2 daughters. Her father dies and her stepmother makes her move t (MORE)

How do you get Cinderella to your party?

I think I'm right-Cinderella as in the cool girl in your local area or school? Well that's kinda hard. You have to treat others how you wanna be treated and just hope for the (MORE)

Is Cinderella a cartoon?

Cinderella a.k.a. The Little GlassSlipper was originally a folk tale told/published by thelikes of Charles Perrault in 1697 and later by The Brothers Grimm. Cinderella h (MORE)