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What is the Average length city block in Seattle?

According to Google maps, in Seattle: The average for a STANDARD city block is 14.5 blocks per mile, or 0.0689655 miles per block. (Meridian Ave, between N 50th and N 36th (MORE)

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What is the distance in miles between Seattle to Kansas City Missouri?

Google Maps 'Get Directions' feature reports that the distance by car is 1,890 miles. The beta version of their 'Walking Directions' says, "2,056 mi - about 27 days 22 hours (MORE)

Driving from seattle to Salt Lake City?

The approximate driving time and mileage information - Between: Seattle, WA and: Salt Lake City, UT Driving miles: 840 Driving time: 13 hrs 45 mins - is based on traveling non (MORE)