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What is the largest spanish speaking continent

I would say that South America has more spanish speaking persons than any other continent.

How did the last ice age affect north America


Canada was covered with ice thousands of feet thick.


Much of the northern United States was ice covered.

How many people live in the region of South America live in Brazil

Brazil is a country in the east coast region of South America. The population as of 2013 was estimated to be 201,032,714 million residents.

What are the three most commonly spoken languages in North America

English, Spanish and French

What links Seattle and Bangkok

Seattle and Bangkok are linked because of trade.

The fact that Seattle and Bangkok are similar in many ways is an example of

how trade influences culture regardless of distance.

What happened when the oceans became highways

The world got smaller and cultures mixed, and international trade provided increased economic growth.

How does an increase in trade affect the cultures involved
  1. More peaceful relationship
  2. Exchange of ideas
  3. Exchange of people
  4. Import/export of respective cultures
How are Seattle and Bangkok different

* Bangkok is building skyscrapers much faster than Seattle. * Seattle residents have, on average, higher education levels. * Bangkok is much larger than Seattle.

The primary good that Europe wanted to acquire from Asia was


What years did Most of South America broke away from colonial powers


Is Bangkok smaller than Seattle

No - Bangkok is about 5 times the area of Seattle, and 15 times the population.

When assessed using the Gini coefficient South America gets very high numbers What does this signify

Large inequalities in the economy

Where is the lost city of the Inca empire

The lost city of the Inca Empire is Machu Picchu. It is located in the Cusco Region of the Andes Mountains in Peru.

What resources do you get from the Amazon rainforest


The conquered the Incan civilization after it had flourished between

Spanish; 1200 to 1535

Location of an important canal


The region of South America contains the continent of South America and also what

Central america

An important shipping location

An important shipping location can vary depending on the person who is shipping the item. The location may be a family or friends home. It could also be a business, school, or work location.

How many countries are the North and South American continents divided up into


How are festivals in Mexico similar to the ones in the United States

they aren't

How do plants and animals look like in summer

Plants, there leaf will probably wither animals will probably be searching around for food

Which colonizing country settled throughout South America and what became the southwestern United states


What is a clearing in the forest

A clearing is a part of the forest where there are no trees. The clearing would typically be grassy and surrounded by the trees of the forest.

What of the following is a example of colonial legacy

Most South Americans are Roman Catholic. -Apex

What of the Statements regarding immigration in the 1920s is true

Which of the following statements regarding immigration in the 1920s is true?

What is the major agricultural producer in the United states


What is the electricity that is produced at generating


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