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Is cloth biodegradable?

Cloth is biodegradable and is readily broken down if it is made  from natural materials (cotton, linen, flax, silk). This makes it  an environmentally friendly material.  (MORE)

How do you get mustard out of clothes?

Remove any hard or wet mustard to prepare the fabric for cleaning. To remove hard mustard take a butter knife and carefully lift up the hardened mustard. To remove wet mustard (MORE)

What is the king clothing?

King clothing: a red cape, a silver sword made of iron (metal), and a golden crown.
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How do you get slime out of clothes?

Saturate the cloth with white vinegar and let it sit for a few  minutes. Then rinse the cloth out with cool water while working the  fabric with your fingers to remove any r (MORE)

Clothing of negrito?

Young women wear wrap around skirts, elder women wear bark cloth while elder men covers themselves with loincloths. The old women of the Agta group wear their bark cloth strip (MORE)

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What clothes did the Iroquois where?

The answer depends on the time period - the Iroquois tribes had early contact with Europeans and were very quick to adopt ready-made garments (such as shirts). Originally, m (MORE)

What is a clothing haul?

its when you buy a lot of clothes on only one day! Like if you cracy shopping!
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What is calcutta cloth?

it is a cool, lightweight cloth, usually cototn-poly blend, used in the making of summer clothing
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Why cloth does not have plural?

Cause theres only 1!   ANS2: It does have a plural. When referring to more than one piece of cloth you say cloths. Example: He selected two soft cotton cloths to wash the (MORE)