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Which one is best LCA Tejas or jf-17 thunder?

Thrust with Afterburner Jf-17 84.4 Kn | Tejas Mk-I 85 Kn   G-limit Jf-17 +8.5 g | Tejas Mk-I +9g to -3.5 g   Dry Thrust Jf-17 49.4 Kn | Tejas Mk-I 53.9 Kn   Loaded (MORE)

What is Generation Y?

Generation Y is the people who were born between 1976-1995 or 1982-2001 depending on the source, and grew up in the 1990s and 2000s. To be specific, Gen Y also called the M (MORE)

When was Y Day?

There is no Y day celebrated or commemorated. You are probably referring to V E Day or V J Day which are the days we celebrate victory in Europe and Japan. Those days are cele (MORE)

Is lca tejas better than CHINA'S JF-17?

Thrust with Afterburner-> Jf-17 84.4 Kn ||| Tejas Mk-I-> 85 Kn G-limit -> Jf-17 +8.5 g ||| Tejas Mk-I +9g to -3.5 g Dry Thrust -> Jf-17 49.4 Kn ||| Tejas Mk-I 53.9 Kn Lo (MORE)

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Who is ram charan teja?

Ram charan Teja is telugu hero chranjeevi Son.. He is the chirutha,Magadheera,Orange,Merupu and Rachha hero
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What is a Y- sPLICE?

A splice is usually two rope ends joined together to form a longer rope. A Y splice is three rope ends are joined together to form a Y shape. The same can be said for connec (MORE)
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When is Y a consonant?

y has always been a consonant and never hasn't been it still is Y is a consonant when it makes the "yuh" sound typical of the letter Y (the sound it makes in words like yellow (MORE)

How do you answer to y usted?

Y usted is Spanish for "And you." This is usually added to a response of the question "How are you?" The answer might be "Fine. And you?" So the response to "And you" is proba (MORE)