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What hemisphere is Colombia in?

Colombia is in the south hemisphere. Also, the western hemisphere.      Colombia is positioned in the northern, southern and western hemispheres. See the Related Link (MORE)

Who is a hero of Colombia?

  Colombia has had many heros in it's history. But one of it's most famous heros has been "Simon Bolivar". He was Colombia's liberator from the spanish and he was also the (MORE)

Where is the Colombia river?

    The Columbia River (known as Wimahl or Big River to the Chinook-speaking natives who live on its lowermost reaches) is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest r (MORE)

Who is the President of Colombia?

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón became president on 2010 August 7. He was previously the Defense Minister before resigning the post in 2009 May. He succeeds Álvaro Uribe Véle (MORE)

How big is Colombia?

440,762 sq mi (1,141,568 sq km)440,800 sq miles (1.142 million km²)Colombia, Area  That is more or less, france+spain+portugal  or 2 times Texas( in the USA) or  Quebec p (MORE)

Animals in Colombia?

Agouti - Black agouti, Central American agouti, Red acouchi, Green acouchi Amazonian manatee Amazonian hog-nosed skunk Andean bear Andean tapir American manatee Ar (MORE)