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What was the Connecticut Compromise?

In the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 this compromise was put forward to end the conflict between the big states and the small states, It provided for the bicameral legislati (MORE)

Facts about Connecticut?

The Dutch first explored Connecticut.  Part of the Northeast region.  Hartford is the capital.  Nickname: The Constitution State.  Was the 5th state in the USA on January (MORE)

What does Connecticut export?

Connecticut's exports include: timberpapertobaccodairy productsshell fishblue stoneaerospace parts (GE/Unison, United Technologies/ Pratt & Whitney)hand tools (Stanley Bostic (MORE)

What is Connecticut?

Connecticut is a US state that borders New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is on the Atlantic coast, more specifically on Long Island Sound.

Are there ocelots in Connecticut?

I live in Maine and I'll tell you we have really bad ocelot problems during the winter. Due to the lack food during the winter they have really low food and often tend to dig (MORE)

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