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What are consumers?

The term Consumer has two meanings: In terms of biology: A consumer is an organism that eats or absorbs food from anexternal source. Consumers are also called Heterotrop (MORE)

What is a consumer?

An consumer is an organism that eats producers. A consumer is also the animal decomposers eat. A consumer can also be an individual who buys and uses economicgoods and service (MORE)

What are consumables?

Anything that gets used up by your processes. For example, a magazine printer would have paper and ink as consumables. A construction business would have lumber, dry wall, nai (MORE)

What is the consumer?

The consumer is the person or body who consumers articles from daily necessities to luxurious items. In a broader sense, even a big business house or the state may be consumer (MORE)
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What does consumers does?

The definition of a consumer is one who aquires food, water orother items that are necessary for their survivial. In the naturalworld this is really food and water, but in hum (MORE)