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Consumers what are they?

BEST ANSWER: an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.   such as:   bears, sharks, birds, mice, deer, dolphins, etc.   BETTER ANSWER (MORE)

Example of an consumer?

an example of a consumer would be a housfly. they consume(eat) the products of other animals/ plants. another would be deer.
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Is plankton a consumer?

Plankton is not a consumer because it eats different bacterias, this makes its a producer.
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What consumers eat secondary consumers?

The tertiary eats the secondary and the secondary eats the primary and the primary eats the producer.
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What is consumable?

Consumables can be defined as goods that are used by individuals  and corporations that must be replaced. It can also be defined as  the commodities that are intended to be (MORE)

Are toads consumers?

Toads are consumers, due to the fact that toads CONSUME things.Toads consume water, crickets, worms, beetles, frogs, etc. A toaddoes not make his/her own food, unlike plants.
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