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How did the Crusades get started?

The father and progenitor of crusading is generally considered to be Urban II, a pope who lived between 1042 and 1099. The general narrative goes something like the following; (MORE)

Why did the crusaders go on the first crusade?

There are different reasons for the first Crusade: The emperor of Byzantine ALexius requested help from the Pope Urban II because his borders were attacked by the Turks. In ad (MORE)

Why were the crusades fighting?

The Holy Lands are important to both the Christians and Muslims.  The crusades began when the Muslims began denying Christians access  to the sacred sites.

Why were the crusades called the crusades?

The phrase "Crusade" means "Marked by the cross" coming from the French word "croisade". This is in reference to the oaths taken by the crusaders before embarking on their 'pi (MORE)

When were the Crusades?

The Crusades were during the middle ages. There were nine Crusades and they occurred from 1096 to 1270.     The Crusades resulted as a reaction of Muslim aggressio (MORE)

What and when were the Crusades?

The Holy Crusades were a series of wars fought by Christians to control the Holy Land, the Holy Land was Jerusalem and other places where Jesus lived and taught.   Answe (MORE)

What were crusades?

The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East. In 1076, the Muslims had captured Jerusalem - the (MORE)

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What were the Crusades?

Military expedition carried out by the European Christians in the Middle Ages to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims