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What sports do they do in Denmark?

Most popular is football, handball, sailing, basketball, hockey, horseback riding, golf, tennis, badminton, swimming, skating and squash. But there are many other, such as k (MORE)

What did the Nazis do to Denmark?

The question might better be asked, "What did the Danes do to the Nazis?"   The Nazis had real difficulties in Denmark. At first it seemed rather easy. They swarmed across (MORE)

Where is Denmark?

Denmark is to the north of Germany. Denmark is considered to be one of the four Nordic countries of Europe (the others being Norway, Sweden and Iceland). It is the southernmo (MORE)

What did Denmark Vesey do?

Denmark Vesey was a freed slave who became a carpenter. Being inspired by Exodus from the Old testament and the Haitian revolution, he lead a revolt against the white man by s (MORE)
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Who is who in Denmark?

If you want info on 'imortant' people in Denmark, you need to consult the book 'Kraks Blå bog', which corresponds to 'Who's who' in the English language world. Published by G (MORE)

What is the salary in Denmark?

  The salary obviously depends on education, experience and field of expertise. The minimum salary full time is about 13.000 DK KR / month. The average starting salary for (MORE)

How is the government in Denmark?

The danish government is chosen by Folketinget (House of Parliament), and can only remain as long as the majority of Folketinget supports them. A government usually consists (MORE)

What are jobs in Denmark?

What they are in Denmark? Well, jobs in denmark is as every other job. I don't know where you come from, but if you for example come from USA, it's the exact same thing. You c (MORE)