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What is a dealership?

It generally refers to a company that sells automobiles to consumers. Not to be confused with car manufacturers. The dealer buys vehicles from auto manufacturers and sells the (MORE)

How get a Nokia dealership?

how to get nokia dealer & disturbtion jackson tenn how to get nokia dealer & disturbtion jackson tenn
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How do you get Samsung dealership?

Go to the Samsung website. Then decide which category of Samsung product you would like to deal with. If you have any company, then mail them your company profile. Mail ID you (MORE)

How do you get a car dealership?

It depends on what type of car dealership you are referring to. A used car dealership can be opened just like any other small business with the exception that you must apply (MORE)

Can a dealership sell a car from another dealership?

  In theory no, in practice yes. This is done all the time. You want a certain car and they do not have it in stock. The call around and find the car you want at another d (MORE)

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