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What is the significance of donnan equilibrium to the biological system?

The Donnan equilibrium effect can be correlated to living cells. Cell membranes are selectively permeable, which means that they allow some molecules to pass through while kee (MORE)
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What is punctual equilibrium?

This is a form of Macroevolution! Gradualism states change happens over a long period of time. Punctual equilibrium basically means when new environmental changes cause new pr (MORE)

What is thermodynamic equilibrium?

At thermodynamic equilibrium the dynamic processes for changes in a system have reached a steady state (not changing with time) where temperature has stabilized to a constant, (MORE)

What is consumer's equilibrium?

consumer equilibrium states that consumer maximise his utility with the given income and with the given price or when a consumer getting maximum satisfaction with available (MORE)

What is social equilibrium?

  A system is said to be social equilibrium when there is a dynamic working balance among its interdependent parts (Davis & Newstrom, 1985). Each subsystem will adjust to (MORE)
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When is there an equilibrium wage?

When there is no  excess in demand for workers and in supply of workers   (By Solomon Zelman) 

When is a market in equilibrium?

In elementary economics equilibrium is the intersection between the  supply and demand curves. When quantity supplied is said to equal  quantity demanded the market has then (MORE)
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What are the stages of equilibrium?

There are two phases of the equilibrium stage operation. One enriched and the other depleated. Mixing the approach of equilibrium and the seperation is called the equilibrium (MORE)

Where does equilibrium come from?

Equilibrium is a state of balance. In physics and chemistry, it occurs as a dynamic state where opposing forces or reactions result in a state whose average is at least roughl (MORE)
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What does equilibrium means?

The official definition for the word equilibrium is " A condition  in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in  a stable, balanced, or unchanging sys (MORE)