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How can you be a donor?

It depends on two factors.those factors are why do you want to be and sperm donor? are you doing it for money or are you doing it for the good of helping infertile couples? if (MORE)

What is a donor?

A donor is defined as someone who contributes or gives to another person or organization. Examples: A person who gives blood is a donor. A person who gives to the poor is a (MORE)
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How do you get a donor card?

If you are referring to an organ donor card, usually they are included as a part of most state's drivers license applications or applications for state ID. Just fill it out an (MORE)
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How can you get a donor card?

Contact the place through which you have donated blood. Organ donor cards may or not exist in your BC, Canada the info is attached to your driver's licenc (MORE)

What are donor cards?

Donor Cards are cards that give information about what you wished done with your body parts, after you die. You fill it out and keep it with you in case you die without bei (MORE)

What are donor impurity?

impurity is nothing but a foreign element. donor corresponds to donating an e-. So donor impurities are those which generally have 1 e- more than the material ( generally semi (MORE)
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What are doctorate donors?

A doctorate donor is a donor that obtained a doctorate degree in his or her study. However, this could be in law, education, medical, and etc.