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Is there a machine to predict earthquakes?

A machine does exist to predict earthquakes, and it is called a  seismograph. Because it is a very sensitive instrument, it can pick  up slight disturbances before a major m (MORE)

What are three ways in which an earthquake can be predicted?

Three ways in which an earthquake can or cannot be predicted are the following: 1. Seeing and hearing such changes in animal behavior as burrowing animals appearing to be home (MORE)

Why is it hard to predict earthquakes and volcanoes?

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are extremely hard to predict  because of their irregularity. This is due to the butter fly  effect. For example, in California there had (MORE)

What is the dilatancy model for earthquake prediction?

The dilantacy model is based on the idea that earthquakes can be  predicted by measuring microcracks in rocks. Unfortunately, it has  proven ineffective in predicting earthq (MORE)

Why do geologists have difficulty predicting earthquakes?

The difficulty is that a seismogram ( device used to locate earthquakes) are not stationed right at an earthquake. Thus they have to use three of these devices and find the ex (MORE)

Are scientists good at predicting earthquakes?

Yes and no. Scientists (known as seismologists) tend to be able to suggest where earthquakes are likely to occur, however it is currently impossible for them to be able to say (MORE)

What is the earthquake predictions?

The earthquake predictions depend on everyday life because the tectonic plates move a few micrometres each day. where two tectonic plates meet is called a convergent boundary (MORE)

How can you predict hurricanes and not earthquakes?

Hurricanes take days to develop and travel to a given location. The precursors to hurricanes can be easily spotted by satellites The conditions that lead up to and influence h (MORE)