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How did Edward Elgar contribute to music?

Edward Elgar, born on June 2, 1857, was noted for his keyboard  improvisation in his early years. Later in life he was a great  organist, violinist, composer, and conductor. (MORE)

Did Edward Elgar have any children?

Yes, he had one daughter with his wife Caroline Alice Elgar. He named his daughter after his wife by combining the first three letters of his wife's first name with the last t (MORE)

Did Edward Elgar have kids?

Elgar had a daughter named Carice Irene ("a contraction of her mother's names Caroline and Alice") who was born on the 14th of August, 1890 at their home in West Kensington.
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Why was Edward Elgar knighted?

For the same reason that most people are knighted; for service to the British Empire either culturally, militarily or internationally. In his case, it was culturally.
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Did Edward Elgar have any illegitimate children?

There is solid evidence that household cook (and possibly former  theater actress) Dora Adeline Nelson was Elgar's mistress for  several years straddling the turn of the 20t (MORE)

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