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Is domestic abuse same as emotional abuse?

I think they are both similar , domestic abuse I guess can be same as emotional abuse, either been hit , verbally abused by some one is abuse.   If you seek help then I adv (MORE)

Proving emotional child abuse?

  In the USA, it will depend on which state you live in. Generally though, regulations set forth guidelines for such investigations and determinations of abuse. For instan (MORE)

Can emotional abuse cause suicide?

Totally. People can become so emotionally unstable that they are willing to take their life. I've even heard of people being abused to death on myspace.
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What is emotional abuse?

    Answer       Continuous insults, demands and harassment towards a partner with the intent to erode that person's self esteem. It may take place onl (MORE)

Why did you get emotional abuse?

Well...sometimes people judge on physical appearance, how much money your parents have, your parents job, the color of your hair, your religion, and many other things that don (MORE)

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