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Songs about resisting peer pressure

Smoke weed er'day

Which step of the decision-making process requires you to weigh the pros and cons of possible choices

Step 3, known as gathering and processing information, is the step of the decision process where one weighs the pros and cons of the various possible choices. This is done by gathering as much information about each option available, and comparing/contrasting them.

What primary neurotransmitters are involved in schizophrenia

Dopamine. Increase in dopemine is a possible cause for schizophrenia.

What are the possible causes of war

Possible cause of war?

How can your family and peers influence your mental and emotional health

Well for one thing it could be peer pressure.

What causes your eating habits to change

Enormous amount of stress causes your eating habits to change.

What is mental or emotional health

Mental or emotional health is referring to the health and well-being of your friends and relationships, how you feel, things that are, well, emotional.

How may respiratory malfunctions affect routine measurements and observations

COPD can affect the rate and depth of breathing including respiratory volumes. A stress test will also show irregular changes.

What is the difference between the word friend and loyal

They are completely different words with different meanings.

Which is the best way to avoid dehydration

The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of water.

Which is not an example of a person with high self esteem-

There could be a few examples that is not a person with high self esteem. People with high self esteem would not hurt there self,is not sad, and is proud.

How does stress affect your musculoskeletal system

tense muscles

Which of the following is an example of a health-promoting behavior

Getting a full night's sleep

How can you boost your mental and emotional health at school

If you are having problems and if your school has counseling go see one. If not, find a teacher you can trust. I can't tell how many students have come to see me just to talk about problems. Teachers will keep it to themselves unless they find out there is physical, mental, or sexual abuse. It is the law that we report it. We have no choice in that with abuse.

What are the following is a possible long -term health effect of stress


How can you use your community to improve your mental and emotional health

(Apex) Take part in a community cleanup.

True or false a person with little axiaty will likely have positive emotional well being

I believe the answer is false.

What if your culture influences your mental and emotional health. A. True B. False


Is controlling stress is also effective at controlling anger


Which is a characteristic of a person with positive mental well-being

(Apex) Ability to contribute to their community.

Which are not healthy ways of managing stress, select two answersA. Using illegal drugs B. Eating healthy C. Emotional eating D. Being active

A and C

Which of these is a benefit of social networking

(Apex) Developing and expressing your identity.

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