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What did the Indian cultures contribute to the Europeans?

Feminism, hygiene, nutrition, environmentalism, animal rights, etc.   Europeans were notoriously patriarchal while natives had many  female leaders. Europeans almost neve (MORE)

What European culture inspired the ukulele?

The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of a small guitar-like instrument brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants from the islands of Maderi (MORE)

What effect did European ocean trade routes have?

  European ocean trade routes have a lasting contact between the Eastern and Western hemispheres   European ocean trade routes have a lasting contact between the Easte (MORE)

Why did europeans seek a western route to Asia?

  Because the Ottoman Empire had taken control of the Eastern Land Routes to asia. Portugal DID find an all water route that went east, it went around the southern tip of (MORE)

Why does Argentina have a strong European culture?

Argentina has such a strong Europeam culture because it was settled by the Spanish during the Age of Exploration. As the indigenous people were all but wiped out, ARgentina wa (MORE)
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Was Tenskwatawa for the European culture or against it?

This policy meant that Japan was a closed country. The Port of  Nagasaki was the only place where any trade or contact with outside  merchants (Europe and other Asian Countr (MORE)

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