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What is a FAQ?

FAQs  FAQs are a set of Frequently  Asked Questions and answers on a  given topic.   Sometimes people will refer to an individual question as a FAQ, but  more precisel (MORE)

Is this site a FAQ? started out as FAQ Farm. Categories were called FAQs, with the idea that these were the questions that the community wants to know more about. In general, yo (MORE)
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What are the FAQS for iscribble?

  1. I didn't get my activation email. Can you resend it please? / When will I get my activation mail?   Log in to your unactivated account with your username and pas (MORE)

Is it said 'a FAQ' or 'an FAQ'?

Depending on pronunciation, both statements are correct. To clarify, if you pronounce "FAQ" as "fack", as in trying to make the letters into an actual word, you could say "So, (MORE)
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What is FAQ used for?

FAQ stands for frequently asked question, it is used to answer questions that many people have asked
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faq for patients?

FAQ for patients are the frequently asked questions for some type of doctor's office or hospital. The FAQ will list the most common questions patients may ask.
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