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Who were Germany's allies in the Franco-Prussian war?

When the Franco-Prussian War began, "Germany" did not exist. What  is now Germany was at that time a bunch of small countries. Since  1867, the northern half of Germany had (MORE)

Which of the following world War II figures aligned with Benito Mussolini to send troops to support Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War?

Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany, also sent troops and planes  to Spain to assist Franco's Nationalist troops. Germany used the  Spanish Civil War as a testing ground fo (MORE)

What leader sided with Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War?

Adolf Hitler along with some support from Germany's allies sent actual armies into Spain in all cases volunteer brigades and gave tanks to the nationalists. The united states (MORE)
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What did the Prussian Junkers do?

what role did prussian junkers play in prussian society NEW RESPONDENT The Junkers were the descendants of the Teutonic Knights, who in the Middle-age times dominated Prus (MORE)

What is Franco price?

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Was franco a communist?

Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain was a European fascist  dictator in terms of political orientation. His political enemies  included communists and loyalists, killing (MORE)

What was the significance of the Franco-Purssian War for Germany?

It established the national French sentiment known as Revenchism whereby national rhetoric justified the construction of the Maginot Line, an aggressive foreign policy against (MORE)