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Is Frank Sinatra?

yes frank sinantra is well i should say "was" cute. hes nickname was blue eyes cuz he had blue eyes. Frank Sinatra was "cute" when he was the idol of the teenaged bobby-soxer (MORE)

Was Frank Sinatra in the Mafia?

NO. Frank Sinatra knew and is documented in FBI files as associating socially with known Mafia members. He did have a documented friendship with Sam Giancana. Many casinos, ni (MORE)

Who is Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra is a famous Jazz singer from the forties and fifties. hey was an singer Answer: Frank Sinatra, known as "Old Blue Eyes" and "Chairman of the Board" was a singe (MORE)

Who inspired Frank Sinatra?

One of his main influences was Bing Crosby, another to a lesser extent was Mabel Mercer. He also listened to Russ Columbo and later Billie Holiday. Sinatra noted the influence (MORE)

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