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Freedom in a sentence?

These proposals would give the city council greater freedom in deciding how to spend their money. He finally won his freedom after twenty years in jail. The Syrians want g (MORE)

What is freedom of religion about?

Freedom of religion is about being able to make decisions about worship. It is being free to choose who, and how, to worship. On a national level, it involves the freedom to e (MORE)

What is the freedom of expression?

The freedom of expression is when people could publicly criticize the established political system without fear of being arrested.   -------------or-------------   freed (MORE)

Differentiate freedom for and freedom from?

Freedom for: To gain freedom for someone or something who is being enslaved or controlled, to deliver freedom to someone or something who's not free, to make someone or someth (MORE)

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What was the Freedom Summer about?

The Freedom Summer was a public campaign to help register African Americans to vote in the deep south in the summer of 1964.
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What is freedom of choice?

Freedom of choice is :that you can make the decision to do whatever you want. even if it is a bad decision you may be punished for it but you still had the freedom to make tha (MORE)
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What is evolve?

To evolve means to grow or change into something else. You can be  one shape and evolve into another shape for example.
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What is meaning of freedom?

free·dom  ˈfrēdəm/  noun  noun: freedom   the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants  without hindrance or restraint.  "we do have some freedom of cho (MORE)