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What does an element's atomic number represent

The number of protons (or electrons) an atom has. To find out how many neutrons there are take the atomic number and subtract it from the atomic mass...

(atomic mass)-(atomic number)= neutrons

atomic number= #of protons (or #of electrons)

Who was the father of Alexander the great

PHILLIP 2 was the father of Alexander the Great. Philip was the king of Macedonia.

What is a characteristic of nonmetals

One characteristic of non-metals is that they are generally gaseous at room temperature. Non-metals will also typically bond with metals easily.

What are electrons in the outermost energy shell of an atom called

valence electrons

Who developed the theory of evolution and wrote Origin of Species

Charles Darwin

What term describes elements that contain the same number of valence electrons


Which of these is not one of the three main classes of elements


Which two subatomic particles have about the same mass

Protons and neutrons have about the same mass.

Photosynthesis requires an input of energy to occur Which kind of reaction does this describe

an endothermic reaction

Karl Marx is most closely related with which philosophical theory

Dialectical materialism is the major philosophical theory with which Marx is associated. From this starting point Marx sees history as a series of class struggles brought about by the particular mode of production (materialism) that exists at any one point in history. These class struggles result in changes in society as one system evolves into the next. Capitalism evolves into Socialism which then evolves into Communism. Marx believed that all of this is explained by his philosophy of dialectical materialism.

Marx essentially believed that history was made up of cycles of class warfare between the proletariat (the lower, working class) and the bourgeoisie (the upper class who owned and controlled the means of production). He felt that one day the proletariat would rise up in a revolution, overthrow the bourgeoisie, and create a totalitarian government that essentially would own all business. The totalitarian government (the 'dictatorship of the proletariat') would be necessary to eliminate all vestiges of the former capitalist system ensuring that there be no return to the capitalist system even for a short time. This would ensure the transition to what Marx called "scientific socialism" as a precursor to Communism. Eventually, Socialism would evolve into Communism. Government would wither away as unnecessary, private property would be no more and people would contribute according to their ability and receive according to their need.

What philosophy is David Hume most identified with

David Hume (1711-1776) was a Scottish philosopher whose sceptical philosophy restricted human knowledge to that which can be perceived by the senses. This is known as empiricism.

Whose model for writing about philosophy involved the use of a critique that consisted of analysis dialect and methodology

immanuel kant

Whose philosophy spanned the period in German philosophy between the death of Gottfried Leibniz and the birth of Immanuel Kant

Christian wolff

Which philosophical theory calls for government control and ownership of the natural resources of a nation


Which Austrian was one of the leading philosophers of the twentieth century and studied how ordinary language should be used to determine the true meaning of words

Ludwig wittgenstein

Which French philosopher believed that individuals have to create their own fate and not rely on God

Jean-Paul Sartre believed that individuals have to create their own fate and not rely on God.

Which philosophical movement is most closely associated with empiricism

logical positivism

What is the best description of phenomenology

Phenomenology refers to the power of the human mind to recognize emotions and information gathered by the senses in the objects of consciousness and acts of consciousness.

What philosophical concept is demonstrated in this example

[A+ Answer--> (Pragmatism)] a mechanic takes an automobile on a test drive after fixing the brakes to check if they are working properly..

Which type of compound is composed of negatively and positively charged atoms

Ionic compounds are composed of negatively and positively charged atoms.

What term best defines two or more atoms joined by a chemical bond-

The term that best defines two or more atoms joined by a chemical bond, is a covalent bond.

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