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Is Gerard Butler right or left handed?

He is left handed. Did you watch him break the mirrors with a candle holder in the Phantom of the Opera? He hit it as a left handed baseball batter would hit. with his left ha (MORE)

Is Gerard Butler a Christian?

Yes. Gerard Butler was raised Roman Catholic. He is quoted in saying that Jesus had helped him to quit smoking. He is planning to play a Preacher in Machine Gun Preacher. .T (MORE)

Gerard butler height and weight?

224lbs. Gerard Butler is 6' 2" tall. I doubt that he weighs more than 190 lbs. You realize how skinny hed have to be to be 190, dudes jacked probably around 220
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Gerard Butler married?

As of June 2014, Gerard Butler is not married. He was recently  dating a model named Madalina Ghenea, but articles from March 2014  say the two of them have called it quits. (MORE)

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