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What is glass?

Glass is created when sand is heated to high temperatures. glass is basically an amorphous solid ( Not Supercooled Liquid) formed by melt quenching technique. It may contain ( Full Answer )
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What are glasses?

Glasses have a glass lense surrounded by a frame. For some people, things are fuzzy and they either get glasses or contact lenses. If people can not read something that is far ( Full Answer )
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What is a glass?

It is where you drink,it is used so that when you drink water it will not split out.
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Where did you get your glasses?

I do not know what you mean can you please write us back , thank you.
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Where is your glasses?

On me. Or at least where I last put them. Unless somebody have hid them after that. Only ones immagination can tell depending on the situation around them.
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Where can you get glasses?

I would go to your local optician to have an eye test so that you know what lenses you need and then if you want more choice then look online. I bought a glasses case for my g ( Full Answer )
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From where do you get glass?

you get glass from sand and they compact it then use special chemicals to make it clear
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What do you do after you get the glasses?

use them and clean them regularly/when needed. get yearly eye sight check ups, to know if you need new frames ( when your, myopia, astigmatism, etc increase or even when they ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have to have glasses?

Sometimes there is something wrong with people's vision, or as they grow older their vision gets worse. Glasses are worn to correct vision, so people can see normally.
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Can I get glasses?

You can, but the question is whether you need them or not. (I assume you are asking about actually needing glasses, rather thanwanting to get a pair of fashionable eyeglass fr ( Full Answer )