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What is the meaning of the idiom 'to go postal'?

The term "go postal" or "going postal" was coined circa 1994, during a time when workplace violence made the news with several employees of the United States Postal Service b (MORE)

What does the phrase postal code mean?

It's the British (and Commonwealth) system in place of Zip Codes.   Post (or Postal) Codes are an older system and based on "Post  Towns" where the post would be sorted. (MORE)

When do postal rates increase?

  Whenever the US Postal Service thinks it is losing money. The increases are usually 2 cents though, and seem to occur every couple years.
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The postal international postal code of delta stateof nigeria?

State Local Govt. Area Postcode Area Name Street Street No. Delta Aniocha 320002 Akwukwu-Ugbo Ogbe-Iyase Qtrs Delta Aniocha 320011 Ogwashi-Uku Asaba/Ogw. Rd. 1 Delta Ani (MORE)

What is the postal code of birmingham in the uk?

Birmingham, UK doesn't have just one postal code !  Each UK postal code only applies to a small number of properties -  typically up to ten buildings ! You would need to  p (MORE)

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