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What is a heel on WWE?

A heel on WWE is a villain character A heel on WWE is the bad guys or girls who everyone boos at. A face on WWE is the good or girls that everyone cheers for.
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How do you get your Heel Stretch?

Lie on your back and pull your heel stretch. This is easier if you have someone to hold your standing leg steady. If you aren't to the point where you can hold it yourself, ha ( Full Answer )
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Can you extend the heel on high heels?

You can, but you have to go to a very special tailor The actual height of the heel can be increased, but that would change the angle where the arch section meets the sole. Ad ( Full Answer )
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What does heel by the heel mean?

Many of us get heal and heel confuse and Basically . Heal means to feel better . While heel means the shoe heel or the foot
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What does heel mean?

As a noun, heel means: . the bottom, rear portion of a foot, shoe, boot, or sock that touches the ground; . the part of the hand just below the wrist; . something that res ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find HEELS?

It depends what heels you mean, high heels, or actuall heels on the back of your feet? If you mean high heels, try some high street stores lots of shops have them :)
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What is heeled in soccer?

It probably means a back heel, where the ball is behind you and you use your heel to hit the ball
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Walking on your heels?

Walking on Heels are the most girls do today. The short height is no more cause for girls as thier are high heels sandals and shoes are available. But the heels could cause a ( Full Answer )
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What is an Acheillies heel?

It is your weakest piont. According to the legend, Achilles' mother dipped him into a miraculous water when he was a child holding him by his heel. This way Achilles became ne ( Full Answer )