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Did Henry fonda play a role in the World War 2?

Yes, Hentry Fonda served three years as a Quartermaster 3rd in the Navy and as Junior Grade in the Air Combat Intelligence in the Central Pacific. He earned a Presidential Cit (MORE)

Why does Claudia Cardinale sleep with Henry Fonda?

I assume you mean in "Once Upon A Time In The West", and it's because: 1) She was a prostitute that he had known years before, (in that capacity - her husband, that he killed, (MORE)

Name the movies starring Henry fonda and john Wayne?

"Fort Apache" (1948), "In Harm's Way"(1965), "The Longest Day" (1962), and "How the West Was Won" (1962). (Release dates)   There are multi film packs available on some sit (MORE)

Was Henry fonda Italian?

According to Wikipedia, the Fonda moved from Italy to the Netherlands in the 1500s, then to American shores in the 1600s. Take your pick.
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