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What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is one of the oldest known organized religions - it's sacred writings date as far back as 1400 to 1500 B.C. It is also one of the most diverse and complex, having mil ( Full Answer )
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Where is Hinduism at?

Hinduism mainly originated from the Indo culture as a way of life but with rituals,mysticism,cult & idol worship spread as religious practices in competition with other offsho ( Full Answer )
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What is Hinduism about?

It is the culture and practices of traditional India from age imemmorial.It is probably the oldest religion.Unlike semetic religion it has many texts,versions,different tradit ( Full Answer )
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What is Hinduism to you?

There is basic agreement on what is accepted to be Hinduism whilst there is great diversity between different schools. These are the law of Karma (each person brings the 'effe ( Full Answer )
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Why is Hinduism called Hinduism?

The correct name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma.The British named it Hinduism from the name Hindu. The name Hindu comes from the river Sindhuo Moreover the name Hindu is gi ( Full Answer )
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Where and when did Hinduism?

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. It's origins are unknown but it is thought that it origionated in ancient India (which is much larger than the India of today) an ( Full Answer )
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Who built Hinduism and when Hinduism was built?

its hard to say who built hindism because it has no founder but Hinduism was created long long ago some are not so sure when it was made
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What is the relevance of goals of Hinduism to Hinduism?

In Hinduism it is believed that Human came on this Earth to achieve THE ULTIMATE GOD. According to Hinduism the main aim of human is to see and feel GOD, hear the Voice of GOD ( Full Answer )
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Why does the symbol of Hinduism represent Hinduism?

There is the "Ohm" (which looks like a 3 conntected to an o with a small u above the o and a diamond just above the u) which represents the universe and the ultimate reality. ( Full Answer )
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Is the Hinduism symbol in Hinduism?

By "Hinduism Symbol" I am assuming that you mean the sacred Aumsound, which is found in many Hindu prayers, religious texts, aswell as meditation methods. It is also a sacred ( Full Answer )