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What are hominy grits?

basically a coarsely ground corn meal served as a sort of thick porridge. the type of corn used for the meal is hominy, which has very large kernels. Grits are a staple here i (MORE)
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What is hominy?

Hominy is a food made from corn. To make hominy, you start with an ear of corn. When corn gets ripe, the kernels dry out, and you can shell the kernels. Often, white corn is (MORE)

Are hominy grits gluten free?

Hominy grits are indeed gluten free. This product is made from  stone ground corn, and is a popular food among those who have  difficulty with Celiac disease or other gluten (MORE)

What is hominy corn?

  Hominy or nixtamal is dried maize (corn) kernels which have been treated with an alkali.   The traditional U.S. version involves soaking dried corn in lye-water (sodi (MORE)

How do you translate hominy in spanish?

Any of the following are acceptable and understood as 'hominy.' maíz blanco pozole blanco maíz pozolero mote blanco maíz Amarillo (this is yellow hominy)
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What is a hominy?

Hominy is corn (maize) that has been dried then treated by soakingthe grain in an alkali bath. The process make the finished productmore nutritiously benficial by allowing the (MORE)
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How do you make hominy?

To make hominy, field corn grain is dried, then soaked and cooked  in a dilute solution of lye, slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) or  wood ash. This process is called nixtamal (MORE)