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What illnesses are related to electrical substations?

A1: There are no exact evidence of the acute illnesses caused by exposure to electrical substations, but adverse chronic effects were recorded like baldness of the hair and ca (MORE)

How does health literacy relate to nutrition?

Health literacy is an individual's ability to read, understand and use healthcare information to make decisions and follow instruction. Nutrition is the process of providing (MORE)

What are the consequences or the effects of poor nutrition among adolescents?

Poor Nutrition in Adolescents   It depends upon the eating habits but in short, teens usually lack calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamin D in their diets. If they are mea (MORE)
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How are nutrition and fitness related?

You are what you eat and many experts argue that proper nutrition counts for about 70% of what your body looks like. Without the right sort of nutrition to support your traini (MORE)

How does atherosclerosis relate to nutrition?

When your diet is high in fat these fat then store in the blood  vessels of the brain and cause them to loose their flexibility and  burst easily. so nutritionally it is imp (MORE)
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Why do elderly people feel a loss of appetite or have poor nutrition?

Older people generally need less food and may not have the energy  or means to prepare it. I have met some in the grocery with  Glucerna, and frozen meals and that is all th (MORE)