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How are stress-related illnesses treated?

typically involves one or more stress reduction strategies. Stress reduction strategies generally fall into one of three categories: avoiding stressors; changing one's reactio (MORE)

How does health literacy relate to nutrition?

Health literacy is an individual's ability to read, understand and use healthcare information to make decisions and follow instruction. Nutrition is the process of providing (MORE)
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How are nutrition and fitness related?

You are what you eat and many experts argue that proper nutrition counts for about 70% of what your body looks like. Without the right sort of nutrition to support your traini (MORE)

How can I free myself from habits relating to poor nutrition?

I think the key to any diet is moderation because, basically, just about every food is bad for you in large quantities. That means moderation in spices, fats, sugars, carbs, s (MORE)
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How is respiration related to nutrition?

respiration requires glucose to occur where there the combining of  glucose with oxygen to produce energy which is used by the body in  many processes for example in digesti (MORE)