deficiency disease


A disease, such as rickets or scurvy, that is caused by a dietary deficiency of specific nutrients, especially a vitamin or mineral. The disease may stem from insufficient intake, digestion, absorption, or utilization of a nutrient.


Disease associated with characteristic and identifiable symptoms, signs, or pathological findings, due to insufficient intake, defective absorption or utilization, or excessive metabolism of one or more nutrients. See also anaemia; beriberi; pellagra; protein-energy malnutrition; scurvy.


A disease brought about because some vital element is missing in the diet. The food lack is generally of protein, vitamins, or minerals. Common conditions are:

vitamin Bkwashiorkor
vitamin Cscurvy
vitamin Drickets
It is claimed that over half the population of the world suffers or has suffered from malnutrition, leaving them debilitated.

A disease caused by lack of an essential nutrient. See also vitamin deficiency disease.

Wiley Dictionary of Flavors:

Deficiency Diseases


An adverse condition in the human body that develops as a result of a lack of a vitamin or other necessary substance. See Vitamins.


any disease resulting from the deficiency of one or more essential nutrients, e.g. a vitamin, an essential amino acid, or an essential mineral.

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Mosby's Dental Dictionary:

deficiency disease



A disturbance produced by lack of nutritional or metabolic factors. Used chiefly in reference to avitaminosis.

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