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What if there is no mode?

There is no mode, so you would put "no mode" in your answer. Don't put "0" because 0 is a number, so if there isn't a common number put "no" or "no mode" Hope this helps :) x
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What does immediately mean?

  Depending on the context, it could mean as soon as humanly possible or absolutely right now or right after an event. It is subjective and could mean anything from a spli (MORE)

What is the mode?

The mode is the most frequent number in a set of data. Frequent means the number happens most often. Eg. Data set = 2,4,7,5,9,6,3,6. the mode is 6 as it happens twice.
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What is mode temperature?

Mode is the most frequent number used within a set of numbers. A  mode temperature would be the most frequent temperature reading.
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Is immediately a preposition?

If the sentence is: I will go to the store immediately...then "immediately" is an adverb. It answers the "when" requirement. "Immediately" is never a preposition.
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What are transmission modes?

Exposure occurs through either direct or indirect contact. Direct transmission occurs when a pathogen An agent that causes disease, esp. a living microorganism such as a bacte (MORE)

HOW TO Find the mode?

What you have to do is you find the number that accrues most often. ex. You have the numbers 34,45,34,65,43,29,and 27, the mode would be 34 because there is 2 34's. But say (MORE)
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What is an immediate environment?

In marketing, the immediate environment refers to the company,  competition, and corporate partners. In an immediate environment,  the company itself is the first factor tha (MORE)

What is an immediate charger?

Immediate charger is a type of charger. Now, most chargers are very  inefficient and it takes time to recharge. Immediate charger are  very efficient and it charges the batt (MORE)