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What is the favorite theme of impressionism painting?

Each artist had their own favorite theme. Monet is famous for his 'water lilies', a theme he would paint many times. Charles De Gaugh loved painting ballerinas. But if there w (MORE)

Where did impressionism get its name?

The name Impressionism comes from a comment that a critic made about Claude Monet's Impression: Sunrise saying that the piece only looked like an impression because of its ske (MORE)

Why is impressionism so popular?

The colors used as well as the subject are often very pleasing to the viewer. For the first time in history , @1860-1930's, artist's had every color in nature and the "spectru (MORE)

What were the characteristics of impressionism?

Impressionism characteristics:Visible brush stokesUnusual visual anglesAppearance of movementEmphasis on light and its changing qualitiesShort, thick strokes of paint applied (MORE)

How did photography influence impressionism?

Artists were influenced by the invention of the camera, because it gave them a cropped composition. It also showed the tonal effects of light and dark in much finer detail; ma (MORE)

What did society think about impressionism?

As with nearly all artistic movements, some of "society" loved it, others thought it was alright, and some more hated it. To elaborate, artistic taste is one of those things t (MORE)

What is the difference between impressionism and post-impressionism?

Impressionism is an art movement begun in France that sought to  capture a moment in time and give the viewer an impression of what  the artist had seen by capturing it in l (MORE)

What kind of art is impressionism?

Impressionism is a form of art that focuses mainly on the reflection of light. Monet was the first impressionist, however he was highly disrespected by critics after his first (MORE)