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Where did impressionism begin?

Impressionism began in France during the 1870's. As to where, Honfleur, on the south coast of the Seine estuary, where Monet painted a picture entitled 'Impression - Sunrise (MORE)

How did Impressionism begin?

  Claude Monet would go at a certain time of day and paint what he saw and try to show the time of day in his paintings.
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What is Impressionism about?

  Impressionist paintings have visible brush strokes, open composition, study the changing light, ordinary subjects.Thew want to give the impression of what we see in a fr (MORE)

Why is impressionism important?

Because knowing about it will affect your grade in any art class. jk Because It broke all the traditions of European art. It changed the "laws" and was one of the first acts o (MORE)

Why is impressionism called impressionism?

The point of impressionism is to draw the picture or objects with color, not as realistic as possible. Your focus is the brush strokes and the colors. In your perspective, (MORE)

What is the difference post impressionism and Impressionism?

The Difference The Difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism ... Post-Impressionism reveals A freely expressive use color and form to describe emotions or moveme (MORE)

What are the influences of impressionism?

Impressionism is a dynamic art technique initiated by french artists such as claude monet and vincet van goh. It gives color and texure change when the painting is viewed from (MORE)