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What is offer?

To offer means to present for acceptance or rejection. The terms  and conditions of an offer made, such as quantity, price,  discounts, delivery date, shipping costs, etc. i (MORE)

Is underwriting compulsory for public offering?

In India, underwriting is not compulsory since April 1995, however it is an important function of Primary Market as new issue should subscribe minimum 90% and in case of non-s (MORE)

What are the benefits that Public Relation campaigns offer to businesses especially big companies?

Public relations campaigns actually create a powerful impact on a business brand`s visibility, as well as in establishing its reputation and image with the public. When effect (MORE)

What are the steps in chronological order that a company goes through to make an initial public offering?

The procedural steps of filing an IPO consist of 4 general steps: Disclosure documents drawn up - The company's lawyers prepare to disclose the company's financial position.Pa (MORE)

What accurately describe an initial public offering?

An initial public offering, or IPO, is when a company goes public  and they offer their stock for sale. The very first day it comes  out is the initial public offering.
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When was Procter and Gamble's initial public offering date?

Proctor and Gamble ceased to be a private company and held its  first public offering in 1890. The company began as a partnership  between a candle-maker and his chemist son (MORE)

What service does 'Manitoba Public Insurance' offer?

Manitoba Public Insurance offers a lot of services in relation to driving to include but not limited to driver's education, information for insurance, driver's license, id car (MORE)

What is initialization?

Initialization in a computer program is the setting up of initial  conditions before beginning a calculation, especially a calculation  involving iterative or recursive proc (MORE)