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Who repairs integrated circuit boards?

  One possibility is the manufacturer of that particular board. Many have repair/exchange programs.   If the board itself is physically broken and/or burned, it is prob (MORE)

How many types of integrated circuits are there in computer?

There's: 1- The CPU 2- An integrated GPU 3- An audio card 4- A USB HUB 5- Power relays 6- South and North bridge 7- Lan card 8- RAM hub 9- Often there are a multi-fold (MORE)

What is a linear integrated circuit?

  Answer   analog device characterized by theoretically infinite no. of posiible operating states .  
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What is the purpose of an integrated circuit?

A major purpose of using an integrated Circuit (IC) is to compress a large electronic circuit into a very small space and to make it available at a very low price compared to (MORE)

What modern devices use integrated circuits?

The modern devices that use integrated circuits are : Lab topsDVDsProcessors Phones Almost anything containing electronics.
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What elements do an integrated circuit contain?

The main elements present in typical IC chips are:    silicon  oxygen  aluminum  boron  nitrogen  phosphorus  indium  arsenic   The main elements present in ty (MORE)

What is film integrated circuit?

A type of hybrid integrated circuit. Hybrid integrated circuits use  individual components mounted on a ceramic circuit board. The  circuit board traces can be placed on the (MORE)