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What song did irving Berlin write after his first wife died?

Mt Berlin had always been a quiet kid and very happy, he was asked to write several time a Ballad, but refused he married Dorothy Geotz in 1912 and when on their honeymoon she (MORE)

Who is kyrie irving?

Kyrie Irving is a professional NBA basketball player who was born  on March 22nd 1992. He is an All Star MVP and Rookie of the year.  He was drafted first in 2011. He is cur (MORE)

What was the Berlin Conference?

Berlin, Conference of, 1884-85, international meeting aimed at settling the problems connected with European colonies in Africa. At the invitation of the German chancellor Ott (MORE)

Who was Irving Berlin?

Irving Berlin was considered one of the greatest songwriters in  American history. He was also the owner of the Music Box Theatre on  Broadway in New York City.

Why did Irving Berlin come to the US?

Irving Berlin, born Israel Beilin, also Baline, was 5 years  old when his Russian Jewish family fled the repression of czarist  pogroms (violence and massacres) that occurre (MORE)