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What is indigo jazz in irving Texas?

Indigo jazz, is irving's newest upscale soul food jazz restaurant. Come and experience it yourself. Enjoy live music, drinks, plush surroundings and delicious food. Good hom (MORE)

Who is kyrie irving?

Kyrie Irving is a professional NBA basketball player who was born  on March 22nd 1992. He is an All Star MVP and Rookie of the year.  He was drafted first in 2011. He is cur (MORE)

Which is democracy East Berlin or West Berlin?

West Berlin was democratic, controlled by West Germany. East Berlin was Communist, controlled by the Soviets and East Germany.   Just to be confusing..... East Germany was (MORE)

How many sisters did Washington irving have?

Washington Irving had 3 sisters named Ann, Catherine, and Sarah.  Washington had 6 brothers but some of them had died when they were  young. Washington was the youngest in t (MORE)

What instrument did Irving Berlin play?

  Irving Berlin played the piano, but only in F# (by ear, he didn't read music), so he had a special piano that shifted the keys to play different pitches.
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How old is Berlin?

1237 is generally accepted as the year of foundation, and in 1987 both parts of the then divided city celebrated the 750th anniversary of the founding of Berlin.
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What did the Berlin Confrence do?

The Berlin Act was an important change in international affairs. It created the rules for "effective occupation" of conquered lands, ensuring that the division of Africa would (MORE)