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Who is Olivia Holt?

Olivia Holt is an actress most recently on the Disney Channel. She  was born on August 5, 1997 in Germantown, Tennessee. When she was  only 3 years old, she started singing (MORE)
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Does Olivia Holt exist?

Yes Olivia Holt does exist. As a matter of fact she is on the new hit series Kickin It and if u want 2 know her phone number its 1818-660-5035! i know this because shes my cou (MORE)

Who is Claire Holt?

Australian actress, born in 1988. More information is available at the Related Link listed below:
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What is Claire Holt sister name?

well it is not Olivia Holt from kickin it on Disney XD because Claire isaustralian and Olivia is American that dosent mean anything..they are sisters they have diffrent moms (MORE)

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