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What is a joint?

The part of the body that allows animals and humans to bend andmove. it is bones in your body that help you or anyone or thing elsemove. . REAL ANSWER: . A joint is the l (MORE)
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What does a joint do?

Joints are where two or more bones make contact. They allow for articulation. There are 3 classification of functions for joints 1) synarthrosis - provides little mobility 2 (MORE)
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What is a joint and what does it do?

A joint is a mechanical connection or separation between two parts of a structure that permits and/or directs motion for some purpose related to the structure. it is a drug t (MORE)

What are joint?

A joint by definition is where two bones come together. There are different connective tissues between these two bones. Some of joints are not movable and some are very movabl (MORE)