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If a player reaches base on a passed ball and later scores is it an earned run or unearned?

The only way a runner can reach on a passed ball is if he strikes out, and the 3rd strike gets away from the catcher. Since the batter struck out, he should not have reached b (MORE)

What are the rules for lateral passes?

There are no restrictions to a lateral pass. Since a lateral is not considered a forward pass, it cannot be 'incomplete' ... if the ball hits the ground play continues as if t (MORE)

How do you throw a lateral pass in Madden 2010?

The left trigger will lateral the ball backwards. You can perform this while in control of any player with the ball except for the QB until he has passed the line of scrimmage (MORE)
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Why isn't a shovel pass a foreward lateral?

A shovel pass isn't thrown from an underhanded position like a  lateral. It's flipped out from the center of the chest so it is  technically not a lateral but a type of forw (MORE)