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How do scientists study the Layers of the Earth

Scientists use their eyes where the layers have risen above ground and drill core samples to bring to the surface to study. Scientists use GPS tracking to study plate tectonics.

by studying how seismic waves refract as they pass through different material.

What type of volcanoes formed the Hawaiian islands

Shield Volcanoes.

Which type of fault is the San Andreas fault

It is a right-lateral strike-slip fault

Which type of volcano produces volcanic bombs

cinder cone

A is a large circular depression that forms when a volcanic mountaintop collapses into the magma


What are dark spots on the photosphere called

The black spots on the photosphere of the sun are called sunspots.

Interaction between which two regions causes plate movement

The lithosphere and the asthenosphere.

Why is the earth's orbital velocity fastest at perihelion

the suns gravitational pull is strongest because the earth is at its closest point to the sun.

Magma is thought to come from the upper mantle or inner core of the earth


What does the third law of planetary motion state

The cubes of the average distances of the planets from the sun is proportional to the squares of their periods.

In which layer of the sun is a huge supply of energy produced

in the core

Why can scientists not accurately predict where an earthquake will occur

They cannot determine which point along a fault has the most pressure.

Which type of fault is caused by shearing forces


Which of these measures and records the vibration of seismic waves produced by an earthquake


Which type of fault occurs when rocks are pushed together as they meet

These will form reverse or thrust faults.

Which of these ideas best describes plate tectonics

The earth's plates drifted on hot molten material...

Which term describes the sun and all the objects that revolve around the sun

solar system

Which of the following layers of Earth is unique among the terrestrial planets


Volcanic mountains build from layers of ash cinders and lava erupting onto the earth's surface.


Which of these is an example of a gradual geologic process

continental drift

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