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How do you say 'how are you' in Lebanese?

"How are you" in Lebanese is "Keefak? Mneeh?" when addressing males and "Keefik? Mneeha?" when addressing females. This literally means "How are you? Good?"
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What is the Lebanese clothing?

it has a western and eastren type of clothing some times its mixed they that's the traditonal clothing and they have the typical Islam clothing and a head gear called keffyeih (MORE)
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Is there a Lebanese language?

Yes there is. The Lebanese language is sometimes genericallylabeled as "Arabic", but the phonology and structure of theLanguage is very distinct. Lebanese Arabic belongs to t (MORE)
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What race are the Lebanese?

The human race. Generally speaking, the Lebanese are descendant from the AncientPhoenicians - some would consider part of the line of Javan orGreece today. Their appearance i (MORE)
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Who are the lebanese?

Well, what can I tell ya. We are a bunch of awesome people that live/ are originally from Lebanon. A tiny little piece of heaven on earth. Guess where. Yes, in the middle east (MORE)
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How do you say answer in lebanese?

Saying answer [as a verb] will differ in Lebanese according to the receiver: jewib [addressing a male] jewbe [addressing a female] jewbo [addressing plural] answer [n (MORE)
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Who are the lebanese people?

Lebanese people are made up of multiple ethnic groups. Around 69% of Lebanese people in Lebanon and world wide descend from a Phonecian descent. The majority of Lebanese peopl (MORE)
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Is Sanita Lebanese?

Yes, The big Sanita company is Lebanese.Now Sanita have become in international company , you can buy it's products in many countries such as Syria, USA , France , Canada and (MORE)
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Where did the Lebanese come from?

Lebanese is merely a national term applied to the various peoples who lived in Lebanon. It is a term like "American" which does not refer to a specific ethnicity but a nationa (MORE)
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What is Lebanese frike?

Frike is a grain used in Lebanese cooking. Frike ( also speeled frikeh, or freekah) is a food made from green wheat that goes through a roasting process, after it is processed (MORE)