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What is a ligament?

A ligament is a tough fibrous band of tissue connecting the articular extremities of bones or supporting an organ in place. the stuff that connects your muscles
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Where are ligaments?

Ligaments are found between bones, attaching bone to bone. They aremade of connective tissue. They are found in the skeletal system.
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What is a joint and a ligament?

A joint is where two bones meet and ligament is the connective tissue that connects bone to bone.
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What is a torn ligament?

a torn ligament is where you tare a ligament and it needs to be healed by a doctor or surgin Its when your ligement tears. It is a very sharp pain closely related to breaking ( Full Answer )
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What is the longest ligament?

The longest Ligament found in the human body is the ligament of Plantaris. This muscle is relatively small and useless which makes this ligament even more usefull because it c ( Full Answer )
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What are the ligaments attached to?

According to the Holes anatomy and physiology text book, ligaments attach BONE to BONE and tendons attach MUSCLES to bone. I hope this helps you
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What are the ligaments and what do they do?

"The ligaments are a band of fibrous, slightly elastc connective tissue tt attaches bone to bone. The ligaments help stablize the movements of bones at a joint. "( Glencoe Hea ( Full Answer )
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What are the functions of a ligament?

Ligaments are strong, flexible bands (or cords) of dense regularfibrous connective tissue that hold bones firmly together at thejoints, but are elastic enough to allow some mo ( Full Answer )
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What are periodontal ligaments?

Periodontal ligaments are connective tissue which hold teeth in place by attaching them to the alveolar bone.
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How do you tear your ligament?

by over using,forcing the ligamnet to much pressure and causes it to rip or tear also i like pie