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How do you make bread with a bread mixer?

Put the ingredients in and turn it on! Well, put them in in the order the recipe tells you to. Make sure to review the directions from your bread mixer model, as they may dif (MORE)

Are bread crumbs made of bread?

Homemade bread crumbs are made from crumbled up dry bread. Commercial bread crumbs are manufactured by a number of methods, but not from crumbled loaves of bread. Sometimes it (MORE)

How can you make bread that is light using a bread machine it always comes out very heavy love using machine and have tried several recipes but it always comes out very heavy?

I add 2 TBS of Gluten - wheat flour protein - purchase this at Wal-Mart, Meijer etc. to the flour mixture. If you are not using bread flour then add 1TBS per cup of regular fl (MORE)

Which bread is the best brown bread or white bread and why?

Whole grain (brown) bread is better than white (refined) bread  nutritionally. Whole grain bread, which is typically made with  wheat, rye, or oat flour, retains the entire (MORE)

What rhymes with bread?

dread Fred spread tread bed bled dead fed fled head instead led lead Ned plead red read reminded said shed shred sled sped stead (MORE)
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Is wheat bread leavened bread?

Depends. Leavened bread had yeast added before baking. Yeast is not added to unleavened bread. Wheat bread can be either leavened or unleavened.
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What type of bread is Roti bread?

Roti is a type of unleavened bread that has its roots in the South Asian area. It is made from atta flour, which is a stone ground wholemeal flour. This bread is eaten in In (MORE)