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How many web browsers are there?

    The major browsers in the market for Windows now are Microsoft "Internet Explorer," Mozilla "Firefox," Apple "Safari," Netscape "Navigator," and Google "Chrome."  (MORE)

Is Mozilla Firefox a web browser?

Yes. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser like Internet Explorer, Nano  Browser,Safari, Google Chrome and many others.
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What is a web browser?

A web browser is commonly referred to as a browser. It is a  software application which is used to retrieve, present and pass  over information using the world wide web. Cli (MORE)

What is need of web browser?

By the Web browser we can Surf the Internet. Browser is the a application software by this software we can read the web pages information means browser read the HTML pages.

Which web browser was the first browser?

The first web browser in the history of the world was WorldWideWeb, and it was created by Nexus on February 26th, 1991. During that time, very few of the world's people were u (MORE)

Working of web browser and web server?

Like much of the Internet, the World Wide Web operates on a client/server model. You run a web client on your computer - called a web browser - such as Microsoft’s Internet (MORE)

What is the best web browser and why?

I think that Google Chrome (you might not know it, download itif you want) is the best. The simple reason is that all thebrowsers are doing the same job, and it has a few extr (MORE)

What are web browsers?

Web browsers are applications that let you view webpages. Most Windows systems come with Internet Explorer.
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