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What is population of Madrid?

In 2010 the city itself had 3,273,049 inhabitants, while the Madrid metropolitan area had 6,458,684 inhabitants.
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What can you do in Madrid?

You can do quite a bit in Madrid. They have a world class museum called El Prado which has some really fine art, you can tour Palaces, they have beautiful parks and squares, o (MORE)

What are facts about Madrid?

1. Population: 3.3 million 2. It is the third largest city in the European Union 3. Madrid derives almost 75 percent of its water supply from dams and reservoirs built on the (MORE)

What is Madrid currency?

Spain, like much of the European Union (with the notable exception of the United Kingdom and a few other countries), uses the euro as its currency. Up until 2002, when the eur (MORE)

Is Madrid big?

Madrid itself has a population of 3 millions inhabitants (more than Chicago) and Madrid metropolitan area (6,5 millions, same as Houston metropolitan area) is 3rd largest in E (MORE)