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What is the distance from Madrid Atocha train station to Madrid airport?

  around 25km, but it is very well connected by car, via the first ring road (M30) northbound, taking the exit to A2 highway and then going straight ahead for 10km. A taxi (MORE)
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Is Paris bigger than Madrid?

No as Madrid is bigger than Paris as Madrid has a land area of 607km sq, which is 243.4 sq miles, whilst Paris is 105.4 km sq which is 40.7 sq miles
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What is the history of Madrid?

Answer . Madrid Since 1561, Madrid has been the capital city and administrative center of Spain. At an elevation of 2,100 feet (640 meters), the city is located in the (MORE)

Which hemisphere is Madrid in?

Madrid is in two hemispheres. Because it's north of the equator it's in the Northern Hemisphere. But Earth is divided in two hemispheres with respect to east and west as well (MORE)

What does Madrid mean?

Some people say the word comes from the Arabic "mayeric", meaning  "Creek Matrix". Other people state that this word came first  from the Latin "matric", meaning matrix, mol (MORE)

What is Madrid currency?

Spain, like much of the European Union (with the notable exception of the United Kingdom and a few other countries), uses the euro as its currency. Up until 2002, when the eur (MORE)