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What can a magnet do?

Magnets attract metal objects. They are also used to hold things up  against the refrigerator. They attract things like paper clips,  nuts and bolts, and they also attract o (MORE)

What are magnets?

Magnets are objects or structures that exhibit an electromagnetic field formed by the alignment of their atomic structure. They attract iron and other materials by including t (MORE)
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What can you do with magnets?

Magnets moved past coils of wire generate all the electricity on Earth. Magnets will attract or push away a coil of wire with a current flowing in it. All electric motors us (MORE)
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Why is iron magnetic and wood not magnetic?

Every electron is a tiny electromagnet. A pair of electrons spinning in the same direction makes a stronger electromagnet. A pair of electrons spinning in opposite directions, (MORE)
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Is iron magnetic or non magnetic?

Most types of Iron are magnetic, however depending on its composition and purity, there are kinds that are not magnetic. For example, Steel is mostly Iron, Carbon, and a few o (MORE)

Iron's Magnetism

Iron is one of the most common elements in the earth. It makes up between 5 and 6 percent of the Earth's crust and a large portion of the Earth's core. It is also one of the t (MORE)

Does Magnetic Healing Work?

When you get sick or injured, the normal thing to do is to seek medication or some form of treatment to start the healing process. Medical treatment forms are the most common (MORE)

Using Magnets for Arthritis Relief

Suffering from arthritis can be extremely painful. It may be difficult or almost impossible to move your joints, and it may cause more pain when you do. While there is no actu (MORE)
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How did magnet get the name magnet?

Magnets were founded by a farmer named Magnus, who was a Greek Magnesian. The term 'Magnesia' came from the two cities found in the ancient Lydia, which is known as the modern (MORE)

How do magnets stick to magnets?

This is actually a harder question than it looks. If you looking for a simple answer, then: they stick together or repulse each other because they have a magnetic field around (MORE)

What is magnetic?

Magnetic is defined as very alluring or attractive. It is also  defined as capable of having the properties of a magnet. A magnet  creates a magnetic field using electric cu (MORE)
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What does a Magnet do?

    A magnet attracts other metal objects to it. This is done by combining the following materials: iron, boron, and neodymium. These materials make a magnet, and a ma (MORE)
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Is a static magnet a permanent magnet?

Yes, maybe, but probably not. This is not the most common way of describing matters and the term "static magnet" does not have a defined meaning and established usage, so on (MORE)