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Is mahi mahi tuna?

Answer . Mahi-mahi is not tuna, but instead is another name for the dolphin fish.. Answer . Mahi-mahi is not tuna, but instead is another name for the dolphin fish.
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Where did the name mahi mahi come from?

In the Hawaiian language Mahi Mahi means 'very strong'. The MahiMahi fish is respected in the ancient Hawaiian culture.
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Does a mahi mahi have scales?

Yes, they do have scales but are very small. Similar to mackerels.If you do catch a Mahi-Mahi/Dorado/Dolphin fish and you are goingto release it, make sure your hands are wet ( Full Answer )
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Are Mahi Mahi extinct?

No. They are also refered to as Dorado and Dolphin fish. They are caught in many warm bodeis of water around the world.
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Is Mahi-Mahi a pelagic fish?

Yes. The correct name is "dolphin, or dolphinfish'. Mahi mahi refers to the fish when prepared for food. Found mainly in offshore waters.
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When does Mahi Mahi spoil?

If kept frozen, it can stay good for several months. If you see it turning gray then it's probably spoiled.
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Is the mahi-mahi fish dangerous?

Yes if it headbutts u. Also I love my pretty punkin. Anna t. Martinez. Ur beautiful and I love u.
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Should you avoid mahi mahi?

Mahi mahi is the name given to the dolphin fish when prepared for eating. It is a very delictable fish, and is usually baked or grilled. Unless you have some kind of medical c ( Full Answer )
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What is another name for mahi mahi?

Mahi mahi is sometimes called dolphin fish , or in Spanish dorado . However, the mahi mahi is a fish, not a dolphin - don't worry, you're not eating Flipper. The word "mahi ( Full Answer )
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How do you sauté then bake Mahi Mahi?

Well personally, being from India and having family in Hawaii I would get the fish and buy some garlic, herbs, seasoning (any kind) and then put it together and bake!