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Why is there a ship in the Manchester united and Manchester city's logo?

These are symbols of the Manchester ship canal, connecting Manchester with the River Mersey and eventually the Irish Sea, constructed to transport textiles from the industrial (MORE)

What are the Manchester United players called?

david de gea, anders lindegarrd, tomasz kusckacz, rio ferdinanad, nemanja vidic, jhonny evans, chris smalling, phil jones, patrice evra, rafael da silva, fabio da silva, micha (MORE)

Why is manchester important?

Manchester, located in Northwest England, is the sixth largest city  in the United Kingdom. It was established around 79 AD as the Roman  fort, Mamucium. It is ranked as a B (MORE)

How did Manchester Connecticut get its name?

It was discovered from the used to be British pilgrims. Manchester, being one of the largest cities in Britain, was no doubt home to some of the first Americans. I am sure tha (MORE)

Is there a bus from Manchester to Alton towers?

One option would be to take a National Express Coach service from  Manchester Coach Station to Stoke-on-Trent (Hanley Bus Station). As  Alton Towers opens at 10am, you could (MORE)