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Where is Manchester?

Manchester is situated in the North West of England, around 200 miles north of London
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What is there to do in Manchester?

Go watch Manchester United or visit the stadium; Old Trafford. The tour gives excellent history and insight into the world's greatest football team. There is also a great ni (MORE)

Is Manchester United in Manchester?

No. Old trafford is based in Salford which is in Lancashire, although it is very close to Manchester City centre, and falls under an M postal code. Answer Manchester Un (MORE)

Is Manchester united a Manchester club?

no manchester united is in the metropolitan borough of trafford , which is in the county of GREATER MANCHESTER ,along with other such metropolitan borough 's like bolton , wig (MORE)

Is cheshire in Manchester?

Yes, Yes is it Cheshire is a county in the North West of England and the County Town in Chester. It is bordered by Greater Manchester, but not in it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (MORE)

Why did they called Manchester called Manchester?

The name Manchester originates from the Ancient Roman name Mamucium, the name of the Roman fort and settlement, generally thought to be a Latinisation of an original Celtic na (MORE)